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Apr 2016

C4836 – Realignment of Sheares Avenue

As part of the traffic scheme enhancement, Sheares Avenue was realigned with the construction of new at-grade road. This enhancement offers a more direct connection between Sheares Avenue and the adjacent roads.

Prior to the works, project site office used for the construction of Marina Coastal Expressway, Marina Bay Golf Club Substation and a carpark were cleared away. Subsequently, new road alignment was set up with the construction of comprehensive drainage networks and other street furniture, such as road kerb, pedestrian footpath, railings, vehicular impact guardrails, signages and etc.

To connect to adjoining developments, existing carriageways were widened and reprofiled through overlaying and milling. Whilst the underlying courses of carriageway (i.e. road base and subbase) were constructed using recycled concrete aggregate, which was processed from the construction and demolition waste.

Besides, both rigid and semi-rigid pavement systems were introduced to withstand heavy and high traffic loads at the road intersections. Road markings were reinstated accordingly before opening to traffic.

After the implementation of newly realigned Sheares Avenue, the existing Sheares Avenue was demolished and restored as sidetable.

09C-Photo-Gallery LTA C4836 - Realignment of Sheares Ave

Construction of drainage system

09D-Photo-Gallery LTA C4836 - Realignment of Sheares Ave

Casting of rigid pavement at the junction of Sheares Avenue and Marina Boulevard

09E-Photo-Gallery LTA C4836 - Realignment of Sheares Ave

Alignment of road kerb and other street furniture

09F-Photo-Gallery LTA C4836 - Realignment of Sheares Ave

Laying of road base using recycled concrete aggregate

09G-Photo-Gallery LTA C4836 - Realignment of Sheares Ave

Paving works in progress

09H-Photo-Gallery LTA C4836 - Realignment of Sheares Ave

Completed road works

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