Reutilization of waste concrete into value-added products for road construction

Collaborator(s): Building and Construction Authority

Project Completion: Jun 2007


  • To process the construction and demolition waste into recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)
  • To formulate a mix design for road base material containing RCA that meets the technical specifications
  • To evaluate the field performance of RCA in the road base layer

The construction and demolition (C&D) of building structures and infrastructures has generated large amount of wastes in Singapore. The disposal of C&D waste poses a major environmental problem due to land scarcity. This triggers a need to look into the possible use of C&D waste for more beneficial applications. On the other hand, lack of natural resources has resulted in our strong dependency on the imported natural aggregates to fuel the growth of the country. Hence, the recycling of C&D waste not only helps to alleviate the waste disposal problem but also provide an alternative to natural aggregates.

To optimize the use of C&D waste, Samwoh has initiated a research study to determine the feasibility of using processed C&D waste for road construction. This study involved the processing of C&D waste to produce recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and the laboratory evaluation for the compliance of RCA in road construction. A field trial was then carried out to evaluate the performance of RCA in the road base layer. Following the success of the laboratory testing and field trial, Land Transport Authority has approved the use of RCA for the construction of road base in 2010.

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