Laboratory testing of warm mix asphalt specimens and semi-rigid pavement specimens

Collaborator(s): Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Project Completion: Feb 2011


  • To formulate the mix designs for warm mix asphaltic concrete that meet the performance of hot mix asphaltic concrete
  • To evaluate the field performance of warm mix asphaltic concrete

In Singapore, over 95% of the road is constructed using asphaltic concrete (i.e. a mixture of aggregates and bitumen) which is produced at a temperature of about 150 - 170°C. In recent years, the technologies in warm mix asphaltic concrete have emerged in Europe and United States with the aim to reduce carbon emissions. Warm mix asphaltic concrete is produced at significantly lower temperature by about 20 - 30°C and provides numerous advantages as compared to the conventional hot mix asphaltic concrete. These advantages include reduction in emissions, lower energy consumption, improvement in productivity, enhancement in pavement durability and etc.

In 2010, LTA awarded a research project to Samwoh for the development of the warm mix asphaltic concrete that could attain comparable performance as the hot mix asphaltic concrete and suit the local climatic conditions. Extensive laboratory testing has been carried out to evaluate the performance of warm mix asphaltic concrete and followed by a field trial. With the successful completion of this research project, Samwoh set up a state-of-the-art asphalt manufacturing plant with the capability to produce warm mix asphaltic concrete.

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