Request for proposal on the use of excavated sedimentary rocks for road construction

Collaborator(s): Ministry of Trade and Industry & JTC Corporation

Project Completion: Apr 2015


  • To process and evaluate the properties of sedimentary rocks
  • To formulate the mix designs for asphaltic concrete containing sedimentary rocks
  • To conduct a field trial and to monitor the performance of asphaltic concrete containing sedimentary rocks

The existing Jurong Rock Cavern project for hydrocarbon storage generates approximately 4 million cubic metres of sedimentary rocks. Its storage or disposal poses an environmental concern if the excavated rocks cannot be used effectively. However, there is limited knowledge available on its use in construction applications in Singapore. Since the preliminary study revealed that there is a great potential for it to be utilized in road construction, Samwoh has carried out a research project funded by Ministry of Trade & Industry and JTC Corporation to evaluate the use of sedimentary rocks for the production of asphaltic concrete.

The laboratory assessment showed that there was no significant difference in the performance of the asphaltic concrete containing sedimentary rocks as comparable to the conventional asphaltic concrete produced with granite. Further to the laboratory testing, the data gathered from the field trial also coincided with the laboratory findings. The success of the project will have a significant impact on the construction sector as there will be one more major source of material available for road construction, besides granite and recycled materials.

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