Study on green concrete for the construction of a 16-storey residential building

Collaborator(s): Amerald Land Pte Ltd

Project Completion: May 2014


To determine the engineering properties of green concrete in comparison with the  conventional concrete

In response to the government’s call for sustainable construction, there is an increasing trend in the use of green construction materials for various types of development in Singapore. This scene is even more prominent in the sector of ready-mixed concrete whereby numerous kinds of industrial by-products and recycled materials are readily available to be utilized in the production of concrete. However, R&D has to be undertaken to determine the optimal mix designs of green concrete to deliver the desired performance.

In this research study, the green concrete of grade 35 and grade 55 were designed and evaluated. Generally, the conventional concrete constituents, namely Portland cement, granite and concreting sand, were partially substituted by ground granulated blastfurnance slag, recycled concrete aggregate, washed copper slag and manufactured sand at their respective replacement levels.

With the conventional concrete serving as the basis of comparison, extensive laboratory testing has been conducted to assess the performance of green concrete. For both concrete grades, the inclusion of these sustainable materials did not have any adverse impacts on their performance with respect to the corresponding properties of conventional concrete. Following the completion of our laboratory study, a 16-storey residential building has been constructed with the use of both green concrete grades

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