Development of high performance bituminous binder for the production of asphaltic concrete

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Project Completion: Aug 2008


  • To develop new formulations of modified binder using additives to enhance its properties
  • To evaluate the properties of modified binder with respect to the technical specifications and in-house requirements

Most roads in Singapore are constructed using asphaltic concrete, which is made of aggregates and bitumen whereby the latter is produced from refining of crude oil. Over the years, road maintenance costs have increased significantly due to growing traffic volume and traffic loading. Thereby, there is a need to enhance the structural and durability performance of asphaltic concrete in order to reduce the maintenance costs.

In fact, we can either use stronger aggregates or modify the bituminous binder to improve the performance of asphaltic concrete. To enhance the properties of the bituminous binder, the addition of additives is commonly practiced worldwide. However, there is a vast amount of additives available in the market and there is also no one-size-fits-all modified binder for different applications. Thus, R&D has to be undertaken to find the right formulation of the modified binder to provide the desired performance. This involves systematic, investigative and experimental studies with various additives or even recycled materials that are added to the bituminous binder.

Since early 2000s, Samwoh has successfully developed several modified binders and accepted by relevant stakeholders for their applications in F1 race track, expressways, airport runway and taxiway, sea port and etc.

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