Development of correlation for pavement structural strength using Heavy Weight Deflectometer

Collaborator(s): Not applicable

Project Completion: Jan 2014


To carry out a comparison study with the aim of evaluating the technical suitability of using Heavy Weight Deflectometer in Singapore’s context with respect to the conventional Deflectograph

In Singapore, there is a growing interest in research on pavement performance with the development of technologies that are well suited for accurate assessment of the properties of pavement structural. Among these properties, pavement deflection is a critical parameter for the identification of pavement sections with poor structural capacity and design of pavement rehabilitation.

To determine the pavement deflection, Deflectograph has been used as a standard reference without providing detailed strength information for each pavement layer. As such, Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) was being introduced for the same functionality but with strength information on the pavement structural. However, Deflectograph and HWD measure the pavement deflection under different modes of loading, namely impulse loading and static loading respectively. Therefore, it is deemed necessary to carry out a research study to correlate the deflection data measured by both devices as the difference in loading conditions might have an impact on the measurands.

Field tests were conducted on different pavement designs to investigate the capability of HWD as well as its potential use for project- and network-level in Singapore. Generally, our data analysis demonstrated that a satisfactory coefficient of correlation was attained among the deflection data measured by both devices.

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