Request for proposal to develop the use of sedimentary rocks for concrete production

Collaborator(s): Ministry of Trade and Industry & JTC Corporation

Project Completion: May 2017


  • To evaluate the properties of sedimentary rocks
  • To formulate a optimal mix design that meet the technical requirements
  • To extensively assess the properties of sedimentary rocks concrete

With the increase in underground exploration and developments, substantial amount of sedimentary rocks has been extracted since about one-third of Singapore’s geological formation is made up of Jurong Formation, which comprises sedimentary rocks. Its disposal poses a major environmental problem in land-scarce Singapore. On the other hand, the conversion of this resulting waste sedimentary rocks into usable resources for construction applications will also reduce our reliance on the imported natural aggregates.

However, the use of sedimentary rocks has pose challenges as its characteristics are different from the commonly used granite for the production of concrete. As such, a research project was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of using advanced concrete technology to overcome the barriers that restrict the use of sedimentary rocks in concrete.

In general, the laboratory results have shown that our proposed mix design is able to produce concrete with sedimentary rocks that is able to meet the technical requirements. Essentially, it can be designed to meet the requirements for structural grade concrete.

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