Study on concrete maturity

Collaborator(s): Changi Airport Group

Project Completion: Jan 2019


  • To evaluate the use of the concrete maturity method to determine concrete strength

The maturity method is a technique established in the UK in the 1940’s. It uses the internal curing temperature of concrete to determine its maturity which fundamentally linked to a number of properties, including compressive strength.

Samwoh has conducted a joint study with a UK company and the Changi Airport Group to explore the potential of the maturity method using wireless sensor technology for an on-going development at Changi Airport. The wireless sensor technology forms a wireless network which can be deployed at construction sites, enabling sensor data to be transmitted wirelessly to the cloud and viewed in real-time on any internet-connected device.

In this project, a specific concrete mix was selected for the trial. The trial was carried out in three parts concurrently. Firstly, cube samples were cast and cured at two temperatures, followed by compressive strength testing to calibrate strength-maturity relationship of the specific concrete mix. Secondly, large block samples were cast to establish the in-situ performance of the mix. Lastly, cube samples were cast and placed on top of the block samples to compare the compressive strength with the estimated strength generated using the maturity method. This pilot study provides confidence in the applicability of concrete maturity method in Singapore.

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