Development of noise reduction pavement

Collaborator(s): Land Transport Authority

Project Completion: Nov 2018


  • To develop a low-noise asphaltic wearing course containing latex / recycled rubber
  • To conduct extensive laboratory tests and a field trial to evaluate the pavement performance and tyre-pavement noise levels of the low-noise asphaltic wearing course under live traffic loading

LTA has awarded Samwoh to carry out a research project to design, supply and lay the low-noise asphalt mixes as wearing course along existing expressways and major arterial roads.

In this project, 8 types of low-noise asphalt mixes containing latex or recycled rubber were designed to be used as wearing course. Laboratory testing was conducted on the various types of asphalt mixes to determine its engineering and durability performance as compared to the conventional asphalt mixes. A total of 9 test sections were constructed at 3 different locations including major arterial roads and expressways. Tyre-pavement noise measurement tests were conducted on the test sections to evaluate the tyre-pavement noise levels under live traffic loading.

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